We connect music and brands through sound branding and content marketing. Music can define and differentiate your brand. We leverage the power of sound and music to help you connect to your target audience. That’s how we turn customers into fans.

Every organisation has a visual brand, often supported by some sort of a brand manual or brand book. Although visual communication is the strongest of our senses, sound is second. Therefore congruent sound can increase the impact of visual communication enormously. Above all, music is a way of communication on a emotive level. Certain music can define generations and are a reflection of identity. So isn’t it strange that brands don’t think of sound and music in the same way as they do for visual branding?

We help you translate your brand’s identity into a strategy and sound that fit’s your goals. With a broad experience in the field of marketing as well as in the music industry, we are able to bridge the gap between brands and music.


A audio identity (or sonic identity) is the acoustic translation of your brand identity and contains a set of guidelines for your brand’s sound. Think of it as your brand manual for sound: a collection of sound elements and musical ingredients, which are to be heard in all parts of your brand.


The brandscore is the heart of your brand sound, and includes all the sound elements and musical ingredients formulated in the audio identity. Besides the masterpiece, it contains different moods and variations which can be used to evoke different emotions across different touchpoints.


A sound logo (or audio logo) is the most recognizable part of your brand sound. It’s a short distinctive melody or sound, which can be used on all imaginable touchpoints. A sound logo increases and enhances brand awareness and personality, and makes your brand memorable.


In-store music influences the way customers experience your brand. Besides, music can stimulate desired behaviour. For example, certain music can make your customers stay longer in your store and therefore music can drive sales. Creating the right ambience through sound and music can improve the brand experience.


The right use of non-composed audio elements in content can increase it’s impact. Good sound design doesn’t stand always stand out. It can be a way of sublty melting together picture and sound to make sure the message is better transferred. But of course sound design can stand out and add a whole new dimension to content such as VR, games, animation and commercial video.


In a world filled with technology and with innovations outrunning themselves, we are more and more able to decide ourselves how products sound. We are not tied to the way things sound anymore. That gives us the opportunity to decide what impressions a product leave when it comes to sound. Do you want a electric car to sound sporty and aggressive or silent and friendly? The same goes for a lot of other hardware products as wel as digital applications.


Dialogue, ambient sound, music and sound design: well balanced audio is crucial to achieve the right impact with content. Whether you need your stereo mix to simply sound awesome, or you want to create a unforgettable experience using ambisonics or surround technics. We are here to make sure it ends up sounding great.


Some content, campaigns or brand activations might be in need of a specific song, whether it is for the recognition or because the artist reflects perfectly what you stand for. We help you find the perfect sound and to get everything wrapped up and ready for usage.


Sound and music has a great effect on the way people think, feel and perceive communication. Therefore a lot of our work is based on extensive research. We are constantly on the move to dig deeper into the way sound and music works and can work for your brand.


Every organization has its own identity, character and story. We want to bring out the best in your organization. Defining your identity and writing down a clear strategy helps you moving straight forward. We verbalize your needs into a concrete problem and translate your identity into a workable strategy.


We strive to establish positive and strong brand associations and equity, loyalty, and engagement. By developing creative and music related concepts as a sequel to the strategy, we cultivate your organization. That’s how we turn people into fans.


From events to cross-media campaigns, and from clearing rights for music to interactive brand-experiences: we connect with all kinds of creative people to develop and realize the most awesome and crazy concepts together.


Boer ‘n Moes
Van den Havestraat 6A
6521JS, Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Nijmegen is situated in the east of Holland, near the German border and has approximately 170,000 inhabitants. It has hilly surroundings and beautiful forests.
The city, with lots of shops, cafes, old buildings and some middle age ruins is well worth visiting.